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First Stop of Huayan's
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    In October, Huayan's public welfare student aid activity was started again. On October 21, we came to the first stop of this year's student aid activity: Yanwan primary school.

    This primary school is located in Yanwan village, Longchang, Neijiang. According to relevant national policies, rural primary schools with less than 50 people should be removed. However, due to its remote location, it is too far to go to primary school in the town, and some poor families insist on letting their children go to school here. Therefore, although the school has fewer people, it still remains. At present, there are only more than 30 students in the whole school.

    Although these children live not far from the school, they need to go to school by boat. Their life is not easy, but they help each other, love each other, and we are deely touched by their sunshine smiles and confidence.

    We came to this school once before, built a library for the children and ordered uniforms of Birtish style for them.Whether books or clothes, the children liked them very much and warmly welcomed us in the new school uniform last time.This time we customized warm school uniforms for the children and brought them painting supplies and sporting goods. The children were very happy.

    Under the guidance of the teacher, we visited a special student. He couldn't go to school because of accidental injury. We also brought him some heating equipment and clothes.

    In this regard, the first stop of Huayan's "sunshine education · let love continue" came to a successful conclusion. We would like to do our best to plant the seeds of love in the hearts of children. In 2021, we are carrying on.

    The procurement situation is now publicized as follows:

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