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Sichuan Huayan Group consists of more than 10 subsidiaries which are Sichuan Huayan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd, Chengdu Luyan Huayu Construction Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd, Sichuan Luyan Huayu Labor Service Co., Ltd, Sichuan Yiyan Trading Co., Ltd, Chengdu Yiyan Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yansheng Construction Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd,, Sichuan Yanyi Yaju Hotel  Sichuan Yanze Trading Co., Ltd, Philippine Yiyan International Trading Co. Inc, Philippine Huayan Construction Corp, etc.

The registered capital of Sichuan Huayan Group is 100 million CNY. Up to today it has become a comprehensive group with multiple subsidiaries, and the business scope covering construction general contract, labor service, construction materials trading, project consultation, equipment leasing, inspection, hotel, trading, etc.

Sichuan Huayan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the mother company which is qualified of housing construction general contracting, municipal public works construction contract, construction decoration engineering contract, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contract and landscape.etc. Construction involves large re buildings, highway & bridge, large high-end hotel club decoration and high-end restaurants, hotels and other industries, projects built in Scihuan, Chongqing, Xiamen, Wuhan, Anhui, Guizhou including large undergoing projects in Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen. Huayan Group also sets up subsidiaries in Xiamen and Chongqing with annual production value at 2 billion yuan and construction capacity of 2,000,000.00 .

In recent years many projects of Huayan Group have been awarded as Standardized Construction Site, Green Demonstration Construction Company, Municipal & Provincial Quality-project as well as “Lotus Cup” “Tianfu Cup””Gulang Cup” “Three Gorges Cup”-High Quality Engineering Prize of China !



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